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Ontario Unpasteurized Honey Varieties by Connie's Kitchen

Welcome to the world of rich flavours and unparalleled quality with the Ontario Unpasteurized Honey range produced exclusively at Connie's Kitchen, nestled in the beautiful landscape of Mono, Ontario. This diverse range boasts a variety of distinctive, natural honeys that capture the essence of the local ecosystem and its vibrant flora.

Our honey selection is segregated into three prime categories based on their colour, texture, and taste: Ontario Number 1 Golden, Ontario Number 1 Amber, and Ontario Number 1 Dark. Each variety is a testament to the seasonal blossoms from which our diligent bees gather their nectar.

Ontario Number 1 Golden

This is a light, golden honey with a subtly sweet flavour and creamy texture. It's perfect for light teas or drizzled over fresh fruits.

Ontario Number 1 Amber

A mid-toned, amber honey with a rich, full-bodied taste that brings depth to any dish. Ideal for baking, cooking, or enhancing the flavours in a strong cup of tea.

Ontario Number 1 Dark

Our darkest variety is thick, robust, and packed with complex flavours and aromas. It's excellent for marinades, barbecue sauces, or savoured straight off the spoon.

Beyond our colour-graded honeys, we also offer:

Comb Honey

The purest form of honey, comb honey is harvested directly from the hive, complete with the beeswax comb. It offers a rustic, rich experience of enjoying honey in its most natural state.

Creamed Honey

Our creamed honey is finely crystallized for a spreadable, smooth consistency that maintains the raw honey’s flavour while offering a delightful, butter-like texture. It's a favorite for toast, biscuits, or even as a decadent spread over pancakes.

All of our honeys are unpasteurized to retain the maximum nutritional value, original flavours, and natural enzymes, without any artificial additives or sweeteners. They are responsibly sourced, keeping the health and well-being of our bees at the heart of our operation.

With the Ontario Unpasteurized Honey varieties by Connie's Kitchen, experience the true taste of Ontario's unique blossoms, combined with ethical beekeeping practices and a commitment to quality. Let the sweetness of Ontario brighten your day, one spoonful at a time.

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