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Welcome to Connie’s Kitchen, your prime destination for premium takeout food in Mono, Ontario, and Shelburne. Our online shop is a treasure trove of exquisite Italian delicacies, local produce, and specially crafted goods, available for pickup by scheduled appointment or via delivery in Mono, Ontario and surrounding areas. Experience the sweetness of life with our pure honey and home-grown maple syrup – nature’s own candy, sourced locally to ensure premium quality. Explore our wide range of over 30 different kinds of biscotti and wholesome granola – perfect for a light breakfast or a mid-afternoon treat. Our selection of delectable homemade jams captures the essence of Ontario’s seasonal fruits, the perfect companions for your morning toast or an exciting twist to your desserts. You can also find an impressive range of canned goods and preserves, including antipasto, eggplant with olive oil, and sun-dried tomatoes, providing a taste of Italy right at your table. Passionate about Italian cuisine? Our shop offers an array of prepared Italian meals like Lasagna and Cannelloni, meticulously crafted to bring you the authentic tastes of Italy. We also provide Italian food catering services, perfect for your special occasions or when you simply want to indulge. Try our Arancini, Italian cookies, and the fluffy Focaccia bread that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. Tomato lovers will rejoice with our selection of tomato and pizza sauces, the secret ingredient to bringing an Italian touch to your home-cooked meals. And remember, our products are not just confined to our shop. For our friends who frequent the local farmers markets, a selection of our goods are available in Alliston and Thornton. At Connie’s Kitchen, we offer the taste of Italy, the sweetness of local produce, and the convenience of food delivery all in one place. Order from us and let our food add an Italian zest to your days and nights!

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