• Sicilian Rice Balls.
  • Qty is 10 per order.
  • Choose from Cheese & Meat (Veal & Pork) or Ricotta & Spinach (specify in order notes please)
  • Made to order
  • This item does not ship.
  • This order requires 48 hours notice before pickup.

Indulge in the tastes of Sicily with our delectable Arancini, freshly prepared in Connie’s Kitchen. These mouth-watering rice balls are a traditional Sicilian delight, made to order for utmost freshness. Choose our Vegetarian Arancini, packed with creamy ricotta and vibrant spinach, or savour the hearty Veal & Pork Arancini for a robust flavour experience. Our recipes, inspired by generations-old Sicilian traditions, ensure every Arancini carries a touch of Italian heritage. At Connie’s Kitchen, we bring the warmth of Sicilian cooking to your plate.

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