Biscotti – Anise


  • 6 Pieces (200 to 225 grams)
  • Delicious biscotti made with anise extract and liqueur
  • All of our Biscotti is hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed and always Fresh.
  • Don’t forget, we always use butter!  

Delight in the wonderful flavours of our Anise Biscotti, a delicious treat made with anise extract and liqueur. Each biscotti is carefully handcrafted, baked, cut, and packed to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

With the distinct taste of anise, our biscotti offer a unique and satisfying flavour profile. The anise extract and liqueur infuse every bite with a delightful aromatic twist, creating a memorable taste experience.

At Connie’s Kitchen, we uphold the tradition of using the finest ingredients. All of our biscotti are made by hand, baked with care, cut with precision, and packed to guarantee the highest quality.

And don’t forget, we always use butter! This essential ingredient adds richness and enhances the overall taste and texture of our biscotti, making them truly exceptional.

Enjoy our Anise Biscotti alongside your favourite hot beverage or savour them as a delightful snack.

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