Biscotti – Chocolate Chip


  • 6 Pieces (200 to 225 grams)
  • Made with delicious milk chocolate chip chunks
  • All of our Biscotti is hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed and always Fresh.

Indulge in the decadent delight of our Chocolate Chip Biscotti. These hand-crafted treats are made with delicious chunks of milk chocolate, adding a rich and creamy texture that will satisfy any chocolate lover’s cravings.

Crafted with utmost care and dedication, each biscotti is lovingly hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut, and hand-packed to ensure optimum freshness and quality. This commitment to artisanal craftsmanship guarantees a truly authentic taste experience with every bite.

Our Chocolate Chip Biscotti is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite hot beverages, such as a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a velvety hot chocolate. The biscotti’s firm texture and delightful chocolate chunks make it a delightful indulgence that perfectly complements moments of relaxation or social gatherings.

At Connie’s Kitchen, we honour the Italian tradition of hand-made biscotti, ensuring that each batch is crafted with passion and attention to detail. Treat yourself to the time-honoured flavours of our Chocolate Chip Biscotti and experience the essence of authentic Italian baking. Fresh, flavourful, and utterly satisfying, our biscotti will elevate your snacking experience to new heights.

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