Biscotti – Lavender Almond


  • 6 Pieces (200 to 225 grams)
  • Made with fresh lavender and slices of almond
  • All of our Biscotti is hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed and always Fresh.

Relish in the delightful pairing of aromatic herbs and nutty crunch with our Lavender Almond Biscotti.

Each biscotti is a testament to our artisanal baking process – hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut, and hand-packed to guarantee exceptional quality. We use fresh lavender in our recipe, adding a distinctive floral note that lends a soothing aroma and subtly sweet flavor. This delicately fragrant taste is beautifully balanced by slices of almonds, which contribute a delightful crunch and a rich, nutty undertone.

Always fresh, our Lavender Almond Biscotti is a captivating blend of unique flavors and textures. Perfect as a standalone treat or paired with your favourite hot beverage, these biscotti offer an indulgent sensory experience, turning every bite into a moment of pure enjoyment.

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