Cannelloni (Meat) Large Tray


  • Egg Noodle Cannelloni made with choice of meat (Pork, Beef, Veal or all 3) and our home made tomato sauce from tomatoes we grow in our gardens!
  • Large Tray > Feeds 12 – 18 people


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Experience the comfort of homemade Italian cuisine with our Large Tray Egg Noodle Cannelloni, designed to satiate the appetites of 12 to 18 people. Made with your choice of succulent pork, rich beef, tender veal, or a tempting mix of all three, this cannelloni delivers a flavourful feast that’s sure to satisfy.

The star of our cannelloni is our homemade tomato sauce, lovingly prepared from tomatoes we cultivate in our own gardens. This sauce infuses the dish with a remarkable freshness and a robust, authentic flavour, perfectly complementing the selected meat and the delicate egg noodles.

Our Large Tray Egg Noodle Cannelloni is ideal for large gatherings or celebrations, offering a bountiful serving of heartwarming Italian fare. With every forkful, you’ll enjoy the combined taste of our dedicated craftsmanship, garden-fresh ingredients, and classic Italian culinary traditions. It’s more than a meal; it’s an experience that brings people together.


Beef, Veal, Pork, All 3


Ready To Serve, Frozen

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