Cherry Jam


  • 250ml (8oz)

Indulge in the sweet, fruity bliss of our Small Batch Cherry Jam, carefully handcrafted in the enchanting region of Mono, Ontario. This artisanal delight captures the essence of succulent cherries, transformed into a delectable jam that is bursting with flavour.

Each small batch of our jam is made with great attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality and taste. We select the finest cherries, plucked at the peak of their ripeness, to create a vibrant and luscious spread that captures the essence of the fruit.

Our Cherry Jam is a delightful addition to your breakfast table, perfect for spreading on toast, bagels, or pairing with fresh pastries. The rich, sweet flavour of the cherries shines through in every spoonful, creating a memorable taste experience.

Crafted with love in Mono, Ontario, our Small Batch Cherry Jam is a testament to our commitment to using local, high-quality ingredients. With each bite, you can savour the authenticity and the exceptional taste that comes from a truly homemade jam. Treat yourself to the irresistible allure of our Mono, Ontario Cherry Jam and experience the pure delight of this fruity indulgence.

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