Focaccia Bread


  • Perfect for feeding a crowd, focaccia is a flavourful and Italian flat bread baked in a sheet pan.
  • Topped with rosemary, olives and grated cheese,
  • 1 Lb

Experience the genuine taste of Italy with our Focaccia Bread, a delightful and flavourful flat bread baked to perfection in a sheet pan. Ideal for gatherings, this classic Italian staple captivates your palate with its delicate toppings of aromatic rosemary, tangy olives, and gratifyingly grated cheese. Each bite invites a medley of flavours, where the soft, airy texture of the bread marries the savoury toppings. Our Focaccia Bread is more than a side dish; it’s a culinary journey, promising to elevate your meals or simply to be enjoyed on its own.

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