Honey – 1000 grams


  • 100% natural, Pure Raw, unpasteurized honey from our bee hives in Mono, Ontario.
  • 1 Kilogram

Experience the authentic taste of our 100% Natural Unpasteurized Honey, sourced directly from our thriving bee hives nestled in the beautiful landscapes of Mono, Ontario. This honey is a testament to the purity of nature, capturing the essence of our local biodiversity in every spoonful.

Our honey is unpasteurized, retaining all its natural nutrients, enzymatic health benefits and the truest expression of its flavour profile. It’s a golden, sweet delight that teems with the subtle, floral nuances of our local ecosystem.

Whether used as a natural sweetener in your favourite recipes, enjoyed on toast, or drizzled over your morning granola, our Mono, Ontario honey is a wholesome, healthful addition to your diet. Enjoy a jar of our honey, and savour the taste of nature’s sweet bounty delivered straight from our hives to your table.

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