Honey – 500 grams


  • 100% natural, Pure Raw, unpasteurized honey from our bee hives in Mono, Ontario.
  • 500 grams

Derived straight from our bee hives nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Mono, Ontario, this honey delivers an authentic flavor that sets the standard for quality.

Packaged in a 500 gram jar, our honey is unpasteurized, preserving all its inherent nutritional benefits and flavour complexities. The result is a sweet, golden elixir, subtly perfumed with the diverse range of flora from our Ontario environment.

This honey is an ideal sweetener for your teas, a delightful addition to your baking, or a simple, pure treat on its own. It stands as a testament to raw, untouched purity, making a healthy and delicious addition to your pantry. Try our Mono, Ontario honey, and immerse yourself in the true flavour of this delightfully natural nectar.

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