Lasagna (Vegetarian) Large Tray


  • 4 Layers of Lasagna made with ricotta cheese & spinach and our home made tomato sauce from tomatoes we grow in our gardens!
  • Large Tray > Feeds 16 – 18 people

Delight in the wholesome goodness of our Large Tray Vegetarian Lasagna, a culinary creation that combines fresh ingredients and authentic Italian flavours to create a dish that’s as nourishing as it is delicious. Ideal for serving 16 to 18 people, this lasagna is a generous feast for any occasion.

Our lasagna boasts four enticing layers of delicate pasta, intertwined with creamy ricotta cheese and nutritious spinach. The layers are enriched by our homemade tomato sauce, made from tomatoes harvested straight from our own gardens. The freshness of this sauce is unmistakable, providing a vibrant contrast to the rich ricotta and earthy spinach.

Our Vegetarian Lasagna delivers an indulgent dining experience that’s perfect for vegetarians and anyone who loves good food. With each bite, you can taste our dedication to quality and our love for classic Italian cooking. Indulge in this lovingly prepared dish and allow the rich flavours to transport you to the sunny landscapes of Italy, one forkful at a time.


Ready To Serve, Frozen

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