Pizza Sauce – 1 Litre


  • Made with oregano and with or without onions and peppers. (select below)
  • 1 Liter
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Enhance your homemade pizzas with our delicious Pizza Sauce, meticulously crafted with an infusion of aromatic oregano and customizable to your preference with or without onions and peppers. This sauce is simmered to perfection, boasting a rich, vibrant flavor profile that perfectly complements your favorite pizza toppings. The robust oregano in our sauce delivers a unique depth and warmth, elevating the taste of every bite. For a personalized touch, choose to add the crunch of fresh onions and the kick of peppers, or keep it simple with the classic sauce. Either way, our pizza sauce will bring an authentic pizzeria taste right to your kitchen, making every pizza night an unforgettable experience.


Oregano, Oregano, Onions, Peppers.

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