Pure Maple Syrup – 500 ml


  • 500ml
  • 100% pure Ontario maple syrup.

Discover the exceptional taste of our small-batch Pure Maple Syrup, crafted by Connie & Rafael at Connie’s Kitchen in Mono, Ontario. Our syrup undergoes a rigorous filtering process and is boiled to perfection, ensuring unmatched purity and flavour.

With a commitment to quality, our limited annual production guarantees attention to detail. Each bottle of our Pure Maple Syrup reflects our dedication to creating an outstanding product.

Enhance your dishes with the natural sweetness and golden hue of our maple syrup, sourced from the maple trees of Mono. Whether drizzled over pancakes, incorporated into recipes, or used as a delightful addition to your favourite meals, it adds a distinct touch of maple goodness.

Discover the essence of pure maple flavour in each bottle of our small-batch syrup, handcrafted by Connie & Rafael at Connie’s Kitchen. Enjoy the unique taste that sets our Pure Maple Syrup apart.

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