Raspberry Jam


  • 250ml (8oz)

Savour the sweet, tangy delight of our Small Batch Raspberry Jam, carefully crafted in the heart of Mono, Ontario. This artisanal spread captures the essence of ripe, luscious raspberries, transformed into a jam that’s bursting with flavour.

Each small batch of our jam is a labor of love, made with meticulous attention to quality and taste. The raspberries are carefully selected at the peak of their ripeness to ensure the freshest flavour possible. The result is a vibrant, fruity spread that perfectly balances sweetness with a touch of tartness, embodying the authentic taste of fresh raspberries.

Our Raspberry Jam is a versatile treat – excellent on toast, spooned over yogurt, or used to add a sweet twist to savoury dishes. Handcrafted with passion and pride in Mono, Ontario, our Small Batch Raspberry Jam offers a delightful taste experience that brings the joy of homemade preserves straight to your kitchen.

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